AM Orthopaedics cordially welcomes
Dr Kohan's patients to our practice.

Joint Orthopaedic Centre

Prof Lawrence Kohan

We are honoured to continue looking after you and to provide the high standards set by Prof Lawrence Kohan.
Dr Kohan has transferred all his patients’ records to Dr Farah.  Your visit to Dr Farah will be uncomplicated and integrated.


Welcome to AM Orthopaedics
Hip surfacing

Hip Surgery

A Painful, Stiff Hip Can Keep You From Doing The Simple Things In Life, Even Walking Without Pain. Today We Can Replace Your Hip Thanks To Breakthroughs In Surgical Techniques And Procedures.
Knee resurfacing

Knee Surgery

The Knee Is A Complicated Hinge Joint. It Is Made Up Of Bones, Muscles, Tendons And Ligaments. These Components In Combination Enable Us To Stand, Sit, Pivot And Walk Up And Down Stairs.

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Please let our receptionist know that you are a patient of Dr Kohan’s when you book your appointment.